Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to normal

After the last two weeks of chaos, since adding Monty to our family, I cans say that today, I'm finally feeling almost back to normal. Monty is a very smart puppy and laid back, he is making it very easy for all of us to bond deeply with him. He and Petey have become good buddies already, which was my main concern. They play on and off all day long and seem to know when the other has had enough. Today they even laid on the same bed together. Biggest shock of all, I caught Petey licking his ears! It has been an amazing experience watching Petey begin to bond with Monty. Every day I've seen him open up to the experience of a puppy in his life and embrace having his very own playmate.

We head to the woods every day of the week, usually VERY EARLY in the morning. The one day I didn't run them....WAS INSANE here! They roughed housed for hours on end. The hiking has been glorious. I really love getting out earlier then ever before. We have run into many wood turtles because of the hours. I also love being ALONE up in the woods.

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troutbirder said...

Great blog! Enjoying nature by hiking with ones dog or dogs is as good as it gets. Mine is a GSD