Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It is an incredibly warm Winter here in the North East. Today it is presently 63 degrees. I'm giving up on trying to save the world by talking about how I feel. Everyone has a excuse for the climate change that is occurring, and honestly....there is little chance that I will be here when the crap hits the fan, and it will happen. The earth have reached the tipping point, and honestly...it's too late for us humans. A month ago there was a devastating Hurricane that hit the shores of LI and Jersey. The areas are completely ruined for *human* habitation. People have lost everything. My oldest son is down in Staten Island volunteering with the NCCC, through Americorp. His dad and I went down to volunteer for a day with Habitat for Humanity in the Rockaways. I was blown away by what the wild ocean can do. I'm not usually one to volunteer with or for humans, I only do things for nature and animals, feeling that is my calling. I was deeply saddened to see what these poor people who lived through hurricane Sandy are going through. They have lost everything, some even lost loved ones. I am glad to have spent a few hours helping another human being, it was simply the best feeling in the world and one that I aim to give MYSELF again and again. Volunteering is just the greatest gift you can give YOURSELF. As always....my goal for 2013 as I embark on my brand new life and way of living, is to simply simplify my entire life in every way shape and form that I can. I need to lighten the load on my mind, body and soul. Part of doing this will be to stop wasting so much time on the internet. My New Years Goals>>>are best started on Birthdays. Let the cleaning begin so I can look forward to starting my new little business, Cherished Companion Pet Services. I can finally do something that I love full time. It will also work well with continuing my wildlife rehab work.

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