Friday, August 29, 2014

100 Happy Days

I have to say I really did learn a lot during my 100 Happy Days Challenge.  I am on day 90.  I look at each moment so much form intently.  I look for the beauty, take in the scent, see the people I'm with, and when I'm out in nature...WOW, I have seen so much more then ever before.  My eyes are opened in a new way.  Life is good.  You can concentrate on all the beauty and blessings around you or you can have a constant pity party for yourself.  When thing aren't going as you expect them to, let go.  You don't have any control over any of it anyway!  Tragic things happen every single day to all of us, it's an on going life affliction that we all must deal with.  Trying our best to stay grounded and not let the worry and sadness take us completely over is our daily struggle.  Not becoming a victim when bad things happen is our challenge.  Bad things happen over and over again if we have the blessing of living a long life.  I've been guilty of spending way too much time sucking the energy out of others with my talk of doom and gloom.  While out on my morning hike today, I had a experience with someone where it came to me loud and clear that the person who was in an excellent mood was afraid that I would bring him down.  I have walked with him before and unfortunately spilled my stuff into him, as it was after the death of my Petey and hubby's last scare with the big C.  What a great life lesson!  I see very clearly now how we can't burden others with our own sorrows.  They have their own and are doing the very best they can to process them.  I love when a life lesson smacks you in the face and the world comes into focus again.  Carry on!  It's a holiday weekend!  3 priceless days of Bliss! 

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