Sunday, October 23, 2016

My happy place

Tenants Harbor Maine holds a big piece of my heart. After spending 3 decades looking for the perfect spot to vacation in Maine, staying all the way from Deer Isle New Brunswick Canada, down to Kennebunkport Maine, 4 years ago we discovered this amazing piece of heaven.  To be able to stay on the ocean and listen to the sounds of the waves day and night brings peace to my soul like nothing else. I am a Long Island girl after all, we always need to seek out the ocean at least once a year.  I'm so glad that at the last moment this year, that I decided I needed to go back and get my soul put back in order.  I'm blessed to have a hubby who financially was able to pay for it, and to take the week off and spend it with me.  We had an amazing week filled with so much beauty and lots of delicious seafood.  What an incredible view our new cottage has!  We watched seals hunting for food and eating large fish. One day we watched from the house two Juvenile eagles hunting the waves and using the winds to get back into position, over and over again. It went on for a good 15 minutes, when the rain came down the coast they sped off down the coast to their roost.  What a GIFT Fiddlehead cottage is.  I look forward to returning again next October. 

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