Monday, December 5, 2016

Long brutal Day

I had chemo this morning and it was decided I needed a brain scan ASAP.  At noon after chemo I headed downstairs for the scan only to find out that you can not get an MRI when you have expanders in. I now needed a CT scan.  I went back upstairs to have my port acsessed again and it didn't go well for the first time in nearly a year. Four tries later, and me reassuring the kindest people on earth, my chemo nurses, that I wasn't in pain although it hurt like HELL, because why should they be made to feel bad too, it was in. Back down stairs, waited around again,scan done. Upstairs to have the IV removed, and out the door 7 hours later.....Alone.  I don't like being alone for tests.  Before arriving home I had good news from my Dr. It's normal. 7 hours, my poor body full of chemicals, I had multiple breakdowns and hadn't eaten for 24 hours. Upon arriving home and seeing my sweet puppy, I decide to grab my boy, who's been alone all day, jump in the car and head up to the park for a blissful crepuscular walk at the pond. Literally the moment I got out of my car the peace of the wilderness washed over my body and I completely relaxed. All thoughts of the day disappeared. I am Blessed beyond reason to have my incredible love of nature to carry me through this rough time. Having the dog helps too. He needs his Nature time even more then I do. His life is short and very boring if I don't enrich it. I am grateful I have him to get me outside everyday no matter what.

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