Friday, March 31, 2017


The other morning we were able to watch our beautiful female tan coywolf.  We were on our way to the doctors and there she was watching a flock of Canada Geese, she was so close to the road that we didn't even need bins.  It really made my heart so happy to see her again.   Nature is doing it's magic, pulling me back into life, opening my eyes to the stunning beauty all around me, making me feel grateful for each breath I get.  Our beautiful planet is heaven.  

On the home front, we are hosting lots of Goldfinch.  This morning a few "Gold" males showed up.  They always take my breath away.  A few Winter birds remain.  WT Sparrows, A.Tree Sparrows, Juncos.  The flock of cardinals is dispersing.  I love waking up and hearing the Spring birds singing.

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