Friday, May 29, 2009

It's been a while

I've been so busy with doggie classes that I've completely neglected my nature journal. It has been a gorgeous amazing Spring as always, full of green and bird song. Spring never disappoints and what you feel that you missed seeing, there is always next year to look forward to. It seems like every year Spring just come upon us so quickly with so much flora and fauna to see that you just can't take it all in. As always....I've enjoyed every moment I get to spend in nature. I enjoy all the seasons and weather. Petey and I continue to get out there every chance we can. I love this dog, he is becoming an amazing companion, I can't believe I used to want another dog. I am so happy hubby has always said no, one is enough this time around. He was so right. Petey is special, very special and he doesn't need to share us. He and I are in three classes right now, OB2, Agility and Show Handling. None of which we excel at, but during the process, we are bonding more and more.

We went on our annual Memorial Day trip to Letchworth State Park, to spend time with good friends. Nothing like gorgeous scenery and close friends to make for a awesome extended weekend. We always rent the same tiny cabin, surrounded by temperate rain forest plants and giant trees that we don't have at home.

Today I received my grade for the Wildlife Rehabilitation test, I got a 99%. I'm not a bad test taker like I've always thought my whole was the subject matter that stunk! I sent off my first two letters to the editor tonight. Warning people to leave baby birds and animals alone. Here is the letter.

If You Care Leave Them There

It's that time of year again when baby mammals and birds begin leaving their dens and nests. Every year, many people unknowingly upset the lives of young wildlife when they only mean to help. They take fledgling songbirds, young rabbits, fawns or other animals from the wild in a mistaken attempt to rescue them. Most of these animals and birds don't need rescuing. Venturing out and away from their parents is a necessary, natural part of their development. It is how they learn to find food, stay away from predators and in the case of fledgling birds, fly. It can take several weeks or even months for these babies to finally be on their own with out their parents watching over them. It may appear that their parents are no where to be found, when in all actuality it is instinctive for them to stay hidden away from humans. They are usually nearby watching and waiting for you to leave so they can attend to their young. So please unless you know that both parents are dead as in the case of a bird or the mother in the case of a mammal, please leave them alone. Watch from afar and enjoy the sighting. If you are worried your cat or dog might bother them, put your pets in the house and monitor them when they are outside. The best thing for wildlife it to remain Wild and Free. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Wildlife Rehabilitator

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