Saturday, May 2, 2009

Red Eft

Last night hubby and I sat out on our front porch and listened to many Wood Thrush delightful! Their song has to be my absolute favorite sound on earth.

Today notables were a RS Towee in my front garden, Orioles at Greenwood Lake. The Wizard of the Woods, Oven birds everywhere singing up at Cascade Lake Park. Beaver sign up at the Park too!!! First Very happy about that. Also a Red Shoulder Hawk calling up there. First Red Eft of the year! No Warblers yet for me....I plan on getting out tomorrow. I love love love SPRING...every day is like opening up a exciting to be in love with the natural world!

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Lisa Town said...


I Love... Love... Love reading your posts... they always remind me how much 'love & energy' flows into me through Mother Nature :)

Given the choice of a PJ show or hanging out with you in the woods for a day... I'm pretty sure the woods would prevail :)

Lisa ox