Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I've decided that my life is too bogged down. Lately I feel as though I am suffocating from all the mess and chaos that surrounds me in my home. I feel as though it is holding me back from being able to really live in the moment and enjoy my daily life. I find myself not wanting to spend time in my home because of it. I am going to do a major purge and clean out and get rid of everything I'm not using or that I'm holding on to for silly sentimental value. Today I'm beginning the planning stage. Notebook and pen in hand. My first order of business is to find people and organizations who want the things that I no longer have a use for, next is to STOP buying STUFF completely, other then food. Nothing comes in here unless something goes out. This is going to be a long project but one I'm determined to complete before my next birthday. A little each day will get me where I want to be and so I begin.....

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