Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Once again.....

Once again I'm going to attempt to stay off all social media.  I have to go cold turkey because other wise I'm never going to get myself and my life in order. I've been promising myself this for so long, and have not been able to do anything that I wanted to.  I need to get moving on my own personal *Biggest Loser* challenge, eat strict Paleo.  I need to get my fitness back, by lifting weights and trail running.   I need to stop absorbing other peoples pain.  I need to stop worrying and trying to fix the condition of the earth and it's creatures.  It's time to JUST BE IN THE MOMENT.  Take each precious day as it comes, and do the best I can with it.  News and Social media is sucking the life out of me.  So much of it is depressing that it distracts me from my own life.  Time to turn off and turn in! I won't be blogging until my trip out west.  I plan on keeping notes and taking pictures and will write in here after it's over.  And my quest begins again! 

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