Thursday, May 30, 2013


My hubby is once  again faced with a big C scare.  I was out on my daily hike, feeling scared and alone.  Trying so hard to be strong for him and the boys.  I was feeling down, but the longer I was in the woods, the better I felt.  I ran into an old friend.  A wood turtle I've known for many years.  Here  is a message from Hub Pages on turtle symbolism.  

According to Bobby Lake-Thom, author of Spirits of the Earth, turtles are a positive sign. They have good power.  For many Native American cultures, the turtle and what it represents are sacred. Healing and good health are said to be hallmark powers of this animal. Just as this creature can live a long life, it can also be a symbol of long life and even a good bit of wisdom.  This animal's symbolism is one of protection – it has a sturdy shell that into which it can retreat for its own protection. If a turtle appears when you or a family member is sick, you can assume that healing is on its way, possibly also allowing the person to live a long life. The person should send up lots of prayers to help speed up healing.  

I really like this, it is a message I needed!

We went to Letchworth State Park last weekend, and had the best time with our friends.  I never tire of that park.  It was cold but beautiful.  I will be booking next year as well. 

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