Thursday, July 17, 2014


I had a wild adrenaline nature moment this morning.  I was just starting my hike with Monty, when he ran up the trail ahead of me. Moments later he comes barreling down the trail, and I thought to myself, what has he done because he looked scared?! Seconds later a doe is coming right behind him.  She is chasing Monty!  I had to make my self look big, wave my hands and YELL to get her to stop coming at Monty.  She would not let us continue up the trail.  I actually picked up a stick.  She was pawing and walking towards us. She must have a fawn, she is some good mom!   I have seen this doe many times over the last few weeks, she is not overly wary of humans and stands her ground and watches as you hike past her.  I have never seen her with a fawn.  There are no pictures of this incident as I was about to crap my pants!  LOL

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