Friday, July 11, 2014

This is what I need

Sometimes being an Empath makes for very difficult living.  I get myself far too upset about what others are going through, animals and humans. Several people I know well are suffering beyond belief right now, there is nothing I can do for them. I feel sad and hopeless.  I don't often realize that there is one thing that makes me get back to whats important in my life, and that it is something very simple.....a walk in the woods.  I've been lazy this week and only heading to the ponds so my pup can play fetch and swim.  Not nearly enough time immersed in nature to keep me grounded and feeling okay and normal.  I went out today and literately a half hour later I am fine again.  Nature is medication for me. thought, I want to continue being able to hike alone for a very long time, what can I implement this very moment to keep myself healthy and fit enough to continue until I'm very old?  At my age I can no longer take for granted natural fitness and health.  Time to really pay attention to what I'm doing to my body each and every day. 

My Pictures of the Super Moon.

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