Saturday, September 13, 2014

90 days

For the next 90 days,starting on the 15th,  until my birthday, I am going to take a much needed internet break. I feel overwhelmed by the constant  bad news of the world.  I'm also tired of hearing people complain constantly. You can't stay away from it on FB, there is constantly something horrific on my news feed.  People abusing other humans and the animal abuse is just completely out of control.     I've turned off most of my friends from my FB feed,  Every evening  I will post on the Hawk Watch page, as I've committed to doing that, I will also wish my friends *Happy Birthday* at that time.  I will check my messages, but  I will not sit and cruise on FB, nor will I use it on my phone.  I won't be posting in this Blog either.  My plan is to JUST BE.  Spend all my time in the physical world instead of the internet world.    I'm looking forward to the break.  I will miss posting about this Falls birding, but plan on writing notes in my little journal.  The birds are migrating and I must go! lol 

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