Friday, September 12, 2014


I spent most of today outside.  I was at the watch for many hours and also walked Monty.  The hawks have been trickling in.  I had only 19 birds on Wednesday, there were 0 for yesterday as the leader left after 1.5 hours.  Today there was a total of 72, with zero cloud cover that wasn't a horrible count.  After I left the watch I went down the street and watched a family of Red-tails for a while.  One of the young was up on the wires screeching for a hand out from his parents, he soon noticed one of them in the field eating something and promptly flew down, hit the bigger birds who flew off and began to eat.  Tonight I headed back out to watch the sunset.  Later on I plan on getting out to look for the Northern Lights.  I'm enjoying a few days off from cooking as hubby is away.  It frees me up to spend a lot of time out in nature. 

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