Monday, December 29, 2014

It's never too late....

It's never too late to live the childhood you didn't have. You can't blame your parents, because once you become an adult its up to YOU, to find and live your passion.  I'm still the person I was at 10 years old.  My passion for all animals and anything to do with the natural world has never wavered. It has endured 55 years of life, 32 years of marriage and mothering 4 sons to adulthood.  I've found that the more I do that makes my heart sing, the happier I am, the more complete I feel each day.  I've always wanted to work with animals or in a job that brought me closer to nature.  I am doing both now.  Being a pet sitter dog walker is an incredibly fun job for me.  I love what I'm doing for the first time in my life. I enjoy working with companion animals and feel I'm helping their owners be able to step outside their lives and go away with less stress and worry. I love their pets as if they were my own.   Becoming a Wildlife Rehabilitator and now a Master Naturalist has filled my soul up beyond what I thought possible.  I love doing volunteer work that  is very meaningful.  Educating the public about our local wildlife is fun and rewarding.  Each day when I wake up I think of the endless possibilities that are mine for the choosing, 24 more golden awesome hours.  It's a good life. 

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