Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Nest

Last year we found this beautiful bald-faced wasps nest. It is easily two times the size of any other paper wasp nest that we have ever found. I went to hang it up on the from porch and as soon as I stepped outside the door I heard a Carolina Wren singing really close.  The other two nest that were hanging up under the porch are pretty worn out, so I guess the bird was happy to see a new place to sleep at night so it can stay warm. Tempurtures have dropped in the last 24 hours, it's finally feeling quite like Winter and those little birds seem to really need to snuggle in some where to keep warm.  

This morning while making my pet sitting rounds I came across the leusistic Red-tailed Hawk. The bird looks great. This bird has spent the last 7 Winters here in Warwick.  I'm always so happy when I see it again. 
Matt Zeitlers Photo from Spring 2014

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