Wednesday, May 27, 2015

10 + 4 = a 14 Day!

So today started out as a 10 because last night my hockey team survived another playoff game to make it closer to the finals.  I headed out to walk Monty in the park up on the road where we are going to build. I  began to think about our land and if we should be building there, spending so much energy and money to finally live there.  I  soon had my answer.  A jeep was pulled over in front of Turtle Point Road, so I slowed down to see what they were looking at.  It was a huge male bear, maybe about 400# and I think the same one we saw mating on the Solstice and also showed up for our Screech Owl release later on that Summer.  The bear was soaking wet, and must have just come from our pond.  He proceeded to come to a stand of trees on our next door neighbors lawn and began to rub his back.  He did that multiple times, also chewed and clawed at the trees and rubbed his face.  I can only imagine that he is trying to tell all the sows in the neighborhood that he is available. After I finished watching him I drove up the road and saw my first fawn of this Spring!  Later while hiking I came across two turtles. And when I checked the beaver lodge, it has been majorly worked on!  I wonder if our lone beaver has found a mate?  What a great answer, nature always knows what's right for a body and soul.  We need to live on that land.

Seems staying off social media is giving me a new life. Its been an entire week.  Lots of wildlife sightings and I'm noticing so much more at home as well.   Yesterday I heard a Greater Crested Flycatcher, and now today I've seen it multiple times.  I also read an entire book.  H is for Hawk!  EXCELLENT!  It hit me very close to home being a Hawk Watcher and having lost my Dad suddenly.  I highly recommend it to nature lovers. 

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