Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nature never disappoints

I headed back to see the otters again this afternoon.  There were only two out at a time fishing, and two hidden behind a rock playing. I watched them eat dozens of small fish.  One came so close I could hear him chewing.  Just as you think your nature experiences are over for the year with Winter fast approaching, you end up with amazing experiences like this.  Nature never disappoints me.  There is always something to see.  After I left the otter pond I headed back up to Cascade Lake to see if I could spot the Beavers, I stayed about a half hour and had the place to myself, but no sign of them. 

On the home front I had a lone Pine Siskin today.  Always a nice bird to see.  I'm on my second 25# bag of Thistle since the Fall began.  I am feeding about 50 Goldfinch.   

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