Saturday, February 6, 2016


I've feel like I've already been though the ringer and treatment has just started. I've been plunged into illness like never before. I am trying to surrender to the healing process so I get completely well and can move on to a healthy life again.  Cancer is all I can think about.  I need to fill my world with other enjoyable pursuits and not spend all day and night dwelling on cancer. My new challenge is to think another thought. Replace the fear and negativity with a positive affirmation.  I am surrounded by the best people I could ever need in my life to help me though the process!  I am still completely shocked at the outpouring of love and support I'm receiving.  I've been given 4 symbolic Alex and Ani bracelets from loving friends, a crystal to hold during treatments from one of my best friends in life, flowers, special little gifts, dozens of cards, constant texts, phone calls, PMs on FB,  letters, each so perfect and uplifting.  If love can heal cancer, it's a done deal! 

The best healing gift of all, was on February 1st my oldest son who is in the Peace Corps in Namibia Africa, showed up in person at the time we were suppose to skype.  I had not seen him in 10 months.  Simply one of the best moments of my entire life.  Here I was feeling my absolute lowest, to feeling one of the highest moments in my entire life in the span of one day.  Life is still good, even if I'm fighting a serious disease.   My hubby is my hero for keeping the secret and helping arrange for our son to come and be with me as I start my journey thru cancer to wellness. There is no better gift for a mom then time with her children.  I am beyond blessed with 4 incredible human beings that call me mom. 

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