Wednesday, April 27, 2016


This morning I got a text from a birding friend that the Broadies were flying! I immediately went outside and there they were! I watched over a 100 head Northward.  Loved seeing them kettle and soar.  Super excited to catch Spring birds!  I also had an immature eagle and a Coop.  Later on I went to the land and saw the Red-tailed Hawk who is nesting on land.  Other notables, were a Bluebird and Pileated WP.  I sat in the sun for a while and just enjoyed the beautiful weather and peace and quiet.  Monty had a ball playing in the river. 

Last night I went over to the lake and was able to see 6 N. Loons.  Dozens of Cormorants and an Osprey were also there.

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