Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1989 article

I copied this out of the book; The Power of Hope, Joy and Inner Peace by Bernie Siegel, MD.   I've kept it and read it, over and over again since 1989.  Seems to me that it is the only guidance you could ever need to have a happy life. 

How to Stay Well or Get Better;

1.  Do things that bring you a sense of fulfillment,  joy and purpose.  See your life as your own creation and strive to make it a good one.

2.  Pay close and loving attention to yourself, tuning into all your needs.  Take care of yourself, nourishing, supporting and encouraging yourself.

3.  Release alll negaive emotions, resentment, envy, fear, sadness, anger.  Express your feelings, don't hold onto them. Forgive yourself.

4.  Love yourself and love everyone else. Make loving the purpose and primary expression in your life.

6.  Create fun, loving, honest relationsips, allowing for the expression and fulfillment of neeeds for intimacy and security.  Try to heal wounds in past relationships.

7.  Make a positive cotrabution to your community through work or service that you value and enjoy.

8.  Make a commitment to health and well being and develop a belief in the possibility of total health.  Develop your own healing program drawing on the support and advice of experts with out becoming enslaved to thelm.

9.  Accept yourself and everything in your life as a oppurtunity for growth and learning.  Be grateful.  When you screw up forgive yourself, learn what you can from the experince and then move on.

10. Keep a sense of humor. 

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