Monday, March 11, 2013

Day Late Dollar Short

 As always I waited one too many days, the massive flocks of Snow Geese that have been out at the camel farm this past week have now flown the coop.  There had also been a Ross's goose seen the last few days as well.  Learn a lesson this time Carol!  When the text comes in for a rare bird get in the car and get out there!!! It was nice to see all the amimals that live at the farm, never a dull trip.

While out there I went to the Walkill Wildlife Refuge,  Liberty Loop and walked on the AT section of the trail with Monty.  Lot's of waterfowl. Pintails, Shoveler, Green-wing Teal, Bufflehead, Wood,  Common Merg, Black & Mallard Ducks.  Harriers, and a nice immature Bald Eagle.  Flushed my first Woodcock of the year as well. 

On the drive home from grocery shopping, well over 100 Turkey Vultures ketteling over the town of Warwick.   Spring really has sprung.  Took Monty out for a quick walk up at the County Park...light out at 6:30pm, how I love this time of year!  No excuse to miss a walk. 

And this is what you miss, when you don't get off your asse! (Matt Zeitler's photo)

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