Thursday, March 21, 2013


Really enjoying my break from social media, amazing what I can accomplish in a short amount of time without the constant distraction.  I am trying to break my habit of constantly checking my FB.  I've already left all the other forums I belonged to over the last few months.   It's really not been all that hard,  but it is a bad habit that needs attention and work, so I never fall back to it again.  My life is whizzing by and I'm missing too much of it wasting time online.    I'm not well today, came down with a stomach bug last night, so I won't be getting outside today.  I spent the morning doing all my chores, so now I'm able to rest and read a book. that is something I've missed immensely.  I am making another promise to myself that I will read everyday, not online....a real book with pages.

3 Fox Sparrows in the yard today. 

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