Friday, April 12, 2013

Note to self

Maybe this is the answer I've been seeking all my life. I get close, then I fall away again, life gets busy and my mind moves to obsess over problems. When I drift too far from the core of my being, and stop feeling like I'm one with nature, I get sick again. I am trying the herbal route to heal my gut. I'm doing a parasite cleanse.  As I always say, I'm sick and tired or feeling sick and tired.  I'm super food sensitive.  I would love to feel great again, it's been a really long time.   I'm also going to get a book out of the library about foraging for local herbs.  I know now that being out in nature is everything to me, when I return home from a day outside, even while working physically, I feel at peace, I sleep like a baby.

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