Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cape May

Unfortunately my birthday pelagic birding trip was cancelled due to a storm. We couldn't get a refund on the room so we decided to go anyway. We stayed at The star. We had a small view of the ocean from our room. It rained all day and the wind was fierce. There was not much to do outside in nature, which completely reaffirmed  WHY we don't go to populated tourist areas for vacations. Cape May does have wild unspoiled areas, but most of it is completely built up. I couldn't help dreaming of our gorgeous retreat on the coast of Maine-I will be sending our deposit in this week, to insure we treat ourselves next Fall to that blissful week.   We did have a couple of delicious  meals and spent some much needed time alone, so all was not lost. Woohoo biggest bonus of the weekend: sleeping with open windows and a wild storm sea!!! The hipnotic sound of waves crashing. Ocean healing at its finest. 

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