Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hiking App

On New Years Day morning as we were walking out the door to join our good friends for a hike I quickly down loaded a map my hike app on my phone.  We did a wonderful 5.06 mile hike, gorgeous blue skies although a little cold we warmed up pretty quickly as we hiked.  We brought our dogs, so they had a nice time doing triple our mileage. Monday I started using another app to track the dog walks I do.  Today I decided to see how many miles I've walked and hiked since the first day of they year.  I did at total of 32.6 since the year started!  I missed one day due to rain.  I think that I may be addicted to racking up the miles!  So much fun to see how far you are actually going, and it pushes you to do more and not miss days.  It was very cold this week and I didn't blow Monty off at all.  Last weeks total was 26.6, pretty good for six days. 

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