Thursday, July 16, 2015

Make the best of it.

Seems I may be sicker then I first imagined. I had an EKG yesterday and it was not good. Next stop  is the cardiologist. I am not allowed to stress myself until I know what is going on. Which means, no hiking, no strenuous anything.   No walking outside alone. Today is perhaps the most glorious day of this year and I can't go out to hike. It is simply magical out, no humidity and sunny.  My 3 sweet backyard deer showed up to brighten my morning.  Nature is everywhere if you only open your eyes and take it all in.  Even the tiniest blade of grass has something for us to see.  I am grateful for my beautiful backyard, it will stand in for my nature fix as I recover.   I will get back  out there, just not now! This has been a wake up call, that the damn phone keeps ringing!  Pay attention! HEALTH IS EVERYTHING!  If you have it, you are beyond blessed, never take it for granted even for a second.  Do all you can to protect it.  I didn't realize this until now, I was so full of BS.  I get it now! 

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Screamin Mama said...

So true!!! In our youth we believe we are invincible! Wow, what an eye opener it is. Please take care... no stress!!! no stress!!! breathe in... breathe out... beautiful pictures as always. Lots of love xox