Thursday, July 30, 2015

Time to fill the glass!

So much for spending most of my Summer outside and shunning social media and tv.  Being so sick changed all that. With Lyme it affects your brain, you have brain fog and it's nearly impossible to concentrate enough to read anything with any depth.  The last few days I've had some good clear hours.  I ordered a couple of books from the library and my plan is to get off social media again, and try my best to get outside more.  There are 50 days left to the Summer of 2015.  I'm going to make a Summer for myself! Even if it's just outside in my beautiful nature filled backyard and short hikes up in the parks.  I continue on my recovery path, sticking to everything 1000%.  I did have to cancel the Whale Watching trip.  I'm not well enough to go.  I will go, just not this year. 

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Screamin Mama said...

I believe staying positive is more than half the battle. You have enough swords to fight it all off!!! You are a warrior!!!! xox