Thursday, September 10, 2015

Aha moment.

As I sat outside trying to get back to us at spot challenge that I've neglected for more than a week again. I was thinking about how sick I've been and how I've had little improvement lately but then the thought entered my mind at how peaceful I feel when I'm outside in nature. Just after I finished the sitting time I got up and let Monty out,  I sat on the back lawn with him playing Frisbee and noticed the flicking of a white tail back where the lawn ends.  It was gimpy girl. I brought the dog inside and went back outside with the binoculars to watch her. After a little while I went inside and noticed while looking out the kitchen window that she had worked her way up the steps to the apple tree. Her twin bucks joined her soon after. While I was watching them I realized that I don't feel any pain when I'm busy looking at nature. I guess I need to spend more time looking out my windows or being out in nature instead of sitting on the computer and looking at a screen. They looked great she did a wonderful full job raising twin fawns again,  both boys have lost their spots and looks super healthy.

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