Monday, October 5, 2015


I love being able to be at this incredible home in tenants harbor. The ocean is all so encompassing that your problems melt away. The sight, sound and scent fill your senses to the brim. Awesome for me to sit and watch the birds and seals. Yesterday we saw 3 Bald Eagles up close and personal. A family of Ravens are keeping Monty on his toes as they constantly fly over the deck and talk to each other. Monty has started to bark at them. This morning a large flock of Juncos has arrived. Thre are warblers migrating thru. Lots of adorable chatty Red-berated Nuthatches are in the conifers. So far no takers on my offering of black oil, corn and peanuts. We have been eating local catches each night. So far we found delicious Maine oysters and local caught tuna. Perhaps the best we have ever eaten!

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