Thursday, March 17, 2016

Today's a 10!

I started out this morning a bit depressed and decided instead of mulling in it, to get my exhausted butt outside. I went to the Co. Park only to find 7 cars. 3 up top in the parking lot,  and 2 at each trail head. I desperately needed some nature time and to get away from any cancer talk or thoughts. I know everyone who walks their dogs up in that park, so I left.  I proceeded to C. Lake.  I found that park to be nearly empty. One dog walker and a couple hiking. I had a glorious hike.  I saw Phoebes, Bluebirds, Red-shouldered Hawks, lots of Painted Turtles and the two RE Sliders survived the Winter. Spotted Salamanders laid eggs in some of the wetlands where I've not seen eggs before. Some eggs were even in a puddle.   On the way home I decided to stop at the land only intending on staying a short time. Immediately,  Monty found me a adult female W. Turtle!  I decided to look around for more. I was rewarded by finding another very large healthy female W. Turtle!  I was out for a total of 3 hours!  I feel really good.

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