Tuesday, December 15, 2009

50! What? How did that happen???

Although I'm still reeling from Petey's very recent diagnosis. It has been a blessing in disguise as it has pulled me back into the today. I think the hardest part of life, is to live it for today, it is a lesson I've been trying to get right since I was about ten years old. No doubt about it, Petey lives for today....he wants nothing more then his run, good food,a bowl of fresh clean water, several play times and affection, he is here now....and as long as those needs are met, he is very content and happy. He shares his happiness all day long. I can't help but smile when I look at his beautiful big face and his little nub of a tail wiggling away. His joy about the little things is contagious. How we humans manage to complicate our lives so far past today just amazes me, and we all do it! I guess most of us never really live life as full as our beloved dogs. They don't need as many years, because they fully live their lives from their very first breath. We start living ours much like them, and somewhere in childhood we let everything else around us take over the very joy of being alive, at seeing the wonder in an ordinary day. Once again....my Petey has taught me life lessons that no human could. What I take into my second century of life, is the gift of Petey's lesson, when I look at him I will remember not to take another moment with my family and friends for granted. We all have to die and as my beloved father told me only six days before he left us suddenly. When it is your time, it is your time. When your number is up there isn't a damn thing you can do about it! My dad was a very wise man. I miss him dearly but know in my heart he is watching over me today.

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