Sunday, December 27, 2009

Petey 38 months

Christmas was wonderful this year. Having all my beautiful sons gathered under the same roof for the last week and a half has been amazing. I am totally enjoying them as never before. I feel such peace of heart and mind when they are all at home, as if I can exhale. As a parent it takes a long time to let your children go, to stop thinking and worrying about them.

There hasn't been much time to get outside for more then short outings with my Petey, because of all the holiday preparations. I'm almost afraid to run him for too long, but that has been torture for him. He doesn't care that he is sick, that his heart is damaged. Today we got out with Daddy and had a wonderful hike in 50 degree weather. It was gorgeous out. Still very hard for me to look at Petey with out feeling so much pain and sadness. I love him too much. I spend more time with him then anyone else in my life. He is my side kick my constant companion, my joy. I feel such anger that he is sick, that his life is going to be cut short. I'm trying so hard to get rid of these feelings to enjoy the now, to be thankful that I know his days are limited, so I can fill them with fun, for both of us. We hiked up to the Beaver pond, he has been busy and even had a hole in the ice so he can continue to get on land to take trees down. I was so happy to see that he is still up there surviving.

Yesterday I did the XMas count with my hawkwatch friends Denis and Tom. It was about 38 degrees and raining. Despite the weather we covered about 60 miles of driving and 7 hours searching for birds out in the black dirt region of Orange Co. NY. We were only able to list about 37 species. Highlights of the day...Rough Legged hawk, an immature dark phase female, who we were able to get very close to and watch hunt. Savannah Sparrows and Vesper Sparrows.

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