Friday, December 11, 2009

Sad heart....

Yesterday my beautiful boy Petey was diagnosed with a fatal genetic heart disease. He will not get to grow old. We aren't sure how much time he has left, he could die suddenly any moment now, or could last a year or more. The disease progresses differently for each Doberman it affects. This information has left me in shock, numb and in complete disbelief that this could be happening to him at only three years old. He has been the light of my life since the moment he joined our family. Although DCM is a possibility in every line of Dobermans, for some reason I really didn't believe it would become Petey's story, or if it did, he would be nine or ten. He has three grandparents who are ten, and one that died at ten. I thought we had a good shot at a decent length of life. I've done everything right by him in the health department and yet there is no stopping this disease. They are born with the gene that causes the cells in the heart muscle to stop contracting. Petey has already lost 50% and he hasn't even had a symptom. I pray he gets some more quality time with us, and that he doesn't have to suffer at all with this horrible disease. He is the picture of health right now, thin, huge muscle mass, white teeth, energetic, just no way I would have imagined that his heart had become a ticking time bomb. I will do my best to stay in the moment,and make his last bit of time here on earth a blast! He has been my best buddy and I owe him a normal life to the end. My heart is broken once again....first comes love....then comes pain...that's what life is all about. No one escapes the pain, unless they go first. Good vibes for my baby boy!

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