Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving in VT

The last couple of weeks have been very busy that I haven't had time to write. I had my last day at the Hawk watch several weeks ago, an excellent season for different birds, I'm never disappointed that I take the time out of my life to volunteer up there. My last day was very cold and windy, lots of Red Tails so it was well worth the wind burn.

Last week we rented a house up at Killington VT. It was three stories high, 8 BR, 5.5 Baths, 3 LRs, 2 Kitchens. It was the perfect place of family and friends to gather for a wonderful Thanksgiving. This is the second year we have done this, and I really love to go away for Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday, and it is so nice to enjoy it again after more then a decade of hosting it. We had a total of 26 people over the course of the week. Truly wonderful time. Best part was that Petey was able to join us, I wouldn't have rented the house if he couldn't. He had so much fun...three levels filled with his favorite people on earth. I enjoyed giving him lots of new toys, Christmas at Thanksgiving. He loved being the center of attention. When ever he would run upstairs to my moms apartment, he would be met with oh the boys here! He ate up all the attention.

While up in VT we went for a short visit to VINS vinsweb.org Vermont Institute of Natural Science. What a wonderful Rehab Facility. I wish we had a place like that within driving distance, what a super volunteer job that would be for me, maybe at retirement. They have a vast collection of Raptors that are unable to be released back to the wild for one reason or another. While they are an excellent teaching tool and helps support the Rehab work that VINS does, it is still very sad for me to see such noble birds spending their lives in cages, even the beautiful cages that VINs provides for them. As I get older I see nature and wild animals so different then I used to. I hate to see any animal caged, and unable to live out their lives as they were meant to, wild and free. All of my life I've been able to travel to beautiful natural areas, every year going further from home,having the opportunity to see so many wild animals has made me even more committed to help preserve habitat, and to do Rehab work to help animals return to the wild where they rightfully belong.

Today's hike was up to the Beaver pond, he is very busy....lots more trees down. Today there was ice on the pond up there, must have been very cold and windy up there overnight. On the way home, I went to several locations and gathered berry branches and greens for Yule decorations outside the house. Looks pretty and is also food for the birds visiting the yard.

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