Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First bear

Let the Fall bear sightings begin, tonight at 6:55pm I saw a bear cross the road from our Turtle Hill Road Property to the other side of the road. Bobby was working just a few yards from where he crossed. Always thrilling!

All my squirrel rehabs are gone, another rehabber took back the 2 greys and assumed care of the 5 reds. The flying squirrel was let go on Turtle Point Property and the Chipmunk here in my yard.

September 15-18th Nice trip to Montauk Point and also Great South Bay with my oldest and dearest girl friends. I love going back to my roots and spending time at the ocean. We had wonderful weather. I also did a little walk down memory lane and went to my childhood home and past the Park that gave me my deep love for nature.

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