Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last day of Summer 2011

I wish that I could say it was a good Summer, I can't. I spent most of it worried about losing my best friend Petey and then mourning his loss the past six weeks. He was an amazing dog that I was blessed to share my life with for four and a half short years. I miss him terribly. I have no regrets as I loved him deeply and gave him a great life. We shared thousands of hours out in the woods hiking and loving life. I will never forget his zoomies of joy each hike, when he would run back to me, it was his way of saying thank you for taking me. My life and the way I see how a dog should live is forever changed, I just wish we had more time together. I feel sick when I think of how young he was. He didn't deserve to die. Big hole in my heart, but filling it with the happy memories of my best friend Petey.

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