Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall is here...

I've had a very busy couple of weeks. Spent a few days out on Long Island with my HS girlfriends. Part of the time we were in Montauk and the other at Tobay Beach. We had gorgeous weather, good food, lots of laughs and awesome scenery. The ocean always makes me feel better.

Last weekend I spent up at the Cornell Arnot Nature Teaching Forest becoming a Certified Naturalist. I met many interesting people who are cut from the same cloth as myself. I will be working towards my Certified Master Naturalist designation next. I have more credits to earn and 30 hours of volunteer service to do. Still trying to figure out my niche, what can I do with my knowledge and passion? I am happy to be moving forward.

I have a nice male Painted turtle in rehab, he had a fish hook in his face/eye. He appears to be healing really well. I'm hopeful he can go back to the wild this coming weekend, other wise I will have to let him winter over here in one of my turtle tubs. Most of the wild turtles have started to slow down and eat less. I don't want him to have problems hibernating because I've been feeding him. Baby squirrels are all coming for a visit tomorrow. They will all be good and wild now!

Today I took Monty up to the lake for a nice hike. Still far too many mosquitoes out. The weather was perfect. Lots of birds still around. Winter Wren, C.Y.T. Warbler pair, Phoebe, Wood Thrush, Song Sparrow. On the way out, in the parking lot, I noticed lots of Raptors moving through, Bald Eagle, Peregrine falcon, Sharp-shined and Red shouldered. Wish that I had gone up to the AT over looking GW Lake now. I have the Hawk Watch this coming Friday and Sunday. We are in for a bit of cold snap, so it ought to be pretty good. I miss my HW friends and birding. Time to get back out there.

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