Sunday, July 28, 2013

Going fast

Once again I feel as though I missed another Spring and Summer.  So distracted with my hubbies health, that I barely notice what is going on around me. Today there are dozens of Grackles at my feeder, the Southward migration has begun again, like clock work.
  The past few days the weather has been glorious.  The record temperatures have finally dropped and we can actually enjoy being outside.  My hummingbird feeders have never in the past had so much activity.  So much activity that I actually went out yesterday and bought another feeder. I filling the feeders about once a day. We have the hummingbird wars going on in our front and rear yards.

I'm looking forward to my Sit Spot Challenge, it starts on August 1, 2013. What a wonderful daily mediation it's going to be. Nature is the balm that heals my weary soul.  Here are some pictures from this week in my yard.  We have an amazing number of butterflies and birds.  There is always something to watch.

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