Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The Hummingbirds continue in a HUGE way!  I'm so enjoying being out in my yard, and even standing at the kitchen sink cleaning up....who wouldn't if this was your view?  Now I've had up to 4 on the feeder at one time, including a male.  I can only venture a guess that it was a family. 

This is Rachael the Osprey who nests at my dream camp Hog Island, Maine.  Her two chicks fledged in the last 24 hours and she was calling them.  They should return soon and will hang around the nest for a couple more weeks before they begin their Southward migration journey.

A couple of days ago, I got an email from the women who runs the NYS Master Naturalist classes. They are offering another naturalist weekend up at the Arnot Forest.  We can get more credits towards our Master Naturalist and spend time with other like minded people who are also taking the class to become a certified naturalist and others going on to become a Master Naturalist. The email started me thinking about why I still haven't completed my Master Naturalist. Although I have been dealing with a lot of serious personal issues over the last year, if I'm honest, I could have completed the requirements. I think the reason is, because I couldn't quite figure out what I would use the title for.  I woke up in the other night and knew why I need to complete the requirements.  It leads me perfectly in to what I want to be doing for volunteer work for the rest of my life. This past Wildlife rehab season I decided because of everything that was going on in my life to only take turtles~period. I gathered up a list of all the local rehabbers and what animals they would take. I referred all callers who needed a rehabber to someone else.  After doing that for the past few months and fielding a ton of phone calls since my article appeared in the paper, I have found that I totally enjoy helping the public co-exist with their local wildlife.  I find it hugely rewarding to teach others about nature and their local animals.  I have finally found my niche.  This makes my heart sing. I can do a presentation at my local library, write my articles and continue to do volunteer work with the local parks.  It's all very doable!  I am again excited!

Tomorrow and for the next 30 with myself.....Sit Spot Challenge! 

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