Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My hubby

For the last 32 years I've been blessed to spend my life with the most amazing human being.  He is the kindest most generous person I know. He embodies what it really means to be a *real man*.  He is the best husband, father, brother, son, cousin, son in law, brother in law. and friend that anyone could have.  He always thinks the best of everyone, and is willing to help anyone in any situation. I love him from the very core of my being.  We have had a life so full of fun and adventure that I've always felt like I've won the lottery.  For our first 30 years together we used to pinch ourselves with disbelief that our lives were so awesome.  Our relationship after the first three years of marriage has been effortless. We have always felt so blessed and grateful for everything. We knew at some point there would be  trials, and then there were.  They start a year ago with his cancer diagnosis, and the closing of our company.  The closing of the company was scarey but has ended up been a blessing.  Hubby's blood pressure is the lowest it's ever been and his state of happiness is contagious.  He is in amazing shape.  Unfortunately he is having his 2nd battle with Cancer .  I'm struggling to stay in the moment and enjoy our lives, each and every precious day we are given together.   I'm worried sick over him and what the future holds for his health.  He on the other hand continues to live each day and is happy and looking forward.  He is someone that I wish that I could emulate.  He doesn't dwell in the past and doesn't worry about the future.  He lives for today.   Lesson learned from my awesome side kick, now to put it in practice.  Each and every single day we have together is a gift, and one that I refuse to ever take for granted ever again. 

After writing this I feel better, I'm not sure why? But I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, first time in over a month.  I've spent the afternoon thinking about all of the stories of our life, and being so thankful for all the fun and happiness I've had.  I was thinking about how 13 years ago when he decided to get back on the motocross bike how many people gave me such grief over it.  That only got worse as he was hurt in several crashes.  I was told to be a real women and make him stop! Even at my dads funeral, my Uncle as he eulogized my dad,  scolded him, saying how much my dad hated his riding.   I've never wavered, have always supported him, he loves his motocross.  Even though we have never had a ton of money.....we have lived our lives together to the fullest.  Instead of spending money on things or our home....we decided it was much more fun to go on trips.  Those memories for us and our boys is irreplaceable.  Right now I have a very full heart, so so grateful for the life I've been living.  So grateful to have this wonderful man by my side. 

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