Monday, November 11, 2013

Northern Shrike

This is a photo taken by another birder.  This Northern Shrike is just down the street from home!  Friday afternoon after another stellar day at the Hawk watch,  I went on the road where the bird was seen and I saw this bird.  It was originally found by one of my birding friends. Beautiful bird. 

I have no complaints about my Hawk Watch season! It's been so magical.  I just returned from spending 3 hours up there helping my group leader with her day.  Several of my Hawk Watch friends were up there as well.  I watched another 3 Bald Eagles.  I never tire seeing them.  I am going to miss being up there.  So an honor and a pleasure to be able to be a part of that watch.  Here's my report for Friday.

Daily Raptor Counts: Nov 08, 2013
Species    Day's Count    Month Total    Season Total
Black Vulture    2    5    53
Turkey Vulture    14    27    106
Osprey    1    1    124
Bald Eagle    5    13    107
Northern Harrier    1    10    49
Sharp-shinned Hawk    2    34    1021
Cooper's Hawk    2    7    58
Northern Goshawk    0    0    0
Red-shouldered Hawk    1    18    104
Broad-winged Hawk    0    0    7611
Red-tailed Hawk    87    343    422
Rough-legged Hawk    0    0    0
Golden Eagle    1    3    4
American Kestrel    0    0    112
Merlin    0    0    14
Peregrine Falcon    0    1    14
Unknown Accipiter    0    0    3
Unknown Buteo    0    0    6
Unknown Eagle    0    0    0
Unknown Falcon    0    0    1
Unknown Raptor    1    4    25
Total:    117    466    9834

Observation start time:    09:00:00
Observation end time:    16:00:00
Total observation time:    7 hours

Very cold and windy, with high wind gusts for the entire day. The wind was out of the West. There was little cloud cover first thing in the morning, changing rapidly to mostly cloudy. After noon, dark storm clouds rolled in all around the watch. Later in the afternoon there were multiple snow flurries on and off until I left the watch at 4pm.

Raptor Observations:
9:30am Immature Golden Eagle flew directly over the platform at a eye level 2. I had an amazing view of the bird for about 5 minutes before it proceeded South. 7 Bald Eagles, 4 Adults, 1 Immature all flew south and were counted, 2 adults were seen North of the platform they did not migrate and were not counted. 1 Male Harrier.

Non-raptor Observations:
25 Canada Geese, 23 Robins, 35 Cedar Waxwings, 1 Cormorant, 3 Raven, 37 American Crow, 1 Carolina Wren, 14 Gulls, 1 American Bluebird

We are very hopeful to hit 10,000 birds in the next 4 days if not today. 

Birds at home continue in a big way.  Lot's of Kinglet's, today I had a female Purple Finch.  Cedar Waxwings, Robins, all the usual Winter birds.  I now have 4 more Hornets nests....Bobby and I went out and cut them down! I know where there are several more, but will need to knock of the peoples door and get permission.  I may just do that!  :-) 

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