Monday, February 2, 2015

Winter storm Linus!

Winter storm Linus brought us about a foot of gorgeous snow.  The storm had perfect timing,  it started as the the Superbowl ended.  People knew it was going to be a bit of accumulation, so many had work called early, so most party goers could enjoy the game and the party. I already had all the essential food we needed in the house, and our Superbowl party hosts gave us a couple dozen eggs for breakfast as a party favor.  Their chickens are laying more then a dozen eggs each day. We enjoyed waking up to our world looking all bright and beautiful.  I filled my feeders and watched the action begin.  Hundreds of birds and more then a dozen squirrels kept me entertained the entire day.  It was ground hog day and he saw his shadow, so six more weeks of winter, which makes sense as we are six weeks away from the first day of Spring!  The boys went snowboarding and I made my annual Ground Hog day brownies, this time a paleo version.  After returning from Snowboarding, they gobbled them up in no time at all.  We had a table full for dinner, while watching the Rangers win.   All in all....a terrific way to spend a post snowstorm day.

The Black kids look GREAT!  2 females and 1 male were all here at the same time today.  The females were at the feeder together.  I'm assuming they were mother daughter or sisters.  When we move from our home of 26 years what I will miss is my wild creatures.  I will miss my flock of 2 dozen cardinals who visit during snow storms and my black squirrels.

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