Thursday, August 27, 2015

Grateful heart

There just aren't enough words to express how incredibly grateful I am to the Universe for feeling better.  The rug was pulled out from under me almost 12 weeks ago.  I now know how debilitating it is to be sick, to not want to see anyone and not feel happy for months at a time.  I have compete sympathy for those that have any sort of illness that takes them out of life.  I have felt ecstatic the last couple of days.  I feel like ME and its wonderful!  I see my part in my illness and I am forever changed.  I will safe guard my health from now on.  I am also now on the quest to get back in shape.  I have visions of snowboarding and mountain biking again!  I will also do a backpacking trip this Fall.  I'm back, try and keep me down!   Shhhh don't tell my hubby yet, this is going to be a great surprise for him!   I am doing this.....I want to live life fully again! 

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