Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Brand new eyes

I just love Spring.  It is still so amazing to me, that each year we get to watch the rebirth of nature all over again.  Watching it all unfold is a true gift to those of us who pay attention.  Every moment of each day there is something magical just waiting for you to set your eyes upon.  Give yourself a real present, get out there and ENJOY it all!  Step outside of your busy day, go outside, look, listen, smell, feel it all.  I promise you, it will make your day so much better. 

Today my joys included.  A beautiful N. Watersnake, Kingbird, Scarlet Tanager, Blue birds, Yellow Warblers, Orioles, and all the other beautiful birds I see on a daily basis.  I heard ovenbirds too!  I watched a Oriole strip bark off of a tree and weave it into its nest that it was building.  Everyday there is the opportunity to see something new.   The Red-tailed Hawks nest on our land, now has young in it! 

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