Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Perfect 10

I am so grateful to have an active dog that must go out for a run each day.  He has kept me in the moment and moving while I undergo treatment.  We only go to our land now as I'm too weak and really don't want to run into people.  It's been such a blessing to finally discover all that lives on that beautiful piece of property.  I really had no idea.  As with everyone else, my time has always been limited, and I like to run the dog in two different parks with nice loops.  I've been missing so much because there are far more nesting birds on our land then in the two parks put together!  Too many people and dogs in them.  It is so wonderful to spend so much quality time on that pristine little piece of heaven.  Today's great birds,  a pair of Scarlet Tanagers! Happy World Turtle Day to me~ 3 WTs too!  Only one is new, of cause another male. 

I did a birding loop, and watched close to two dozen Bobolinks on Lower Wisner Road and also saw a Brown Thrasher.