Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Still the same....

Its funny how if you stay true to yourself and continue to do what you love throughout your lifetime,  you really don't change all that much.  What you loved as a 10 year old, you will still love as an adult.  I look at this picture of my 10 year old self, and think how I'm still out there loving the great outdoors and all the creatures that live there. Now, if  I could only recapture that childlike worry free, innocent, naive, 10 year old brain....I'd be gold!  As a child I lived only one day at a time, each was so full of adventure and fun.

Again, I'm having trouble getting outside most days, I'm feeling very worn down the last few weeks. Chemo is just so long and rough.   I'm trying to just go with what ever my body needs right now. I rest a lot.  I even took a bath this afternoon.  I need to recommit to get outside everyday before I do anything else.  Its so much more important that I get my exercise and fill my soul with nature, then to get one more thing done at the house.  I'm eating really healthy, not taking anything over the counter and only drinking water or tea. I'm going to do a green shake each morning and a huge salad for lunch, give my body the antioxidants it needs to fight the cancer with the Immunotherapy I'm on.  I'm also going to take a media break again, no more Trump crap, it's all too upsetting and not helping me be peaceful and calm at all.  I only need to read and watch only what makes me happy.  I need to reduce my stress so the treatment I'm on works!  Others can fight the fight.  When I'm well, I can go back to it too!   

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Screamin Mama said...

Such a great post and so, so true! You have changed one bit... You're spirit is still contagious and your joy for life is infectious!!! xox