Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nearly 70 degrees

I'm not sure if we are breaking any records today, but it's nearly 70 degrees out!  I don't think I've ever seen it this warm in February, for some....climate change doesn't exist! Really?! Our Mother Earth would tell you differently.  I was able to get the boy out again, we did a loop up at Cascade. Not much bird action going on yet.  Upon returning home I decided to stay outside longer and hang out next to my pond.  I have about 30+ goldfish now. The ones I thought that the GB Heron caught last Fall, seem to all be there, that's what happens when your pond is cloudy, you can't see!  Now I have the babies that my mom purchased for me, and also last years young that the goldfish produced during the Spring.  It's a full pond now for sure.  They all look nice and healthy.  I enjoyed sitting out there watching the birds too. There was a Golden-crowned Kinglet in the apple tree for most of the hour.  This was the first time I've ever watched one for so long.  Lots of Winter birds still hanging around.  It's so good for the soul to just sit and meditate, listen to all the sounds around you and still your mind from the craziness of the world.  It is the secret to sanity. 
So....these two cuties are growing and developing beyond my expectations.  They will be hard to release, as they are pulling on my heart strings for sure. They are the only turtles I've ever gotten attached to. So different then any other species, they are hands down my favorite,  and I am beyond grateful that I got them into rebab for the Winter.  I've learned a lot about them, they have so much more personality and intelligence then any other species of our native turtles.  I've enjoyed every second of having them in my care.  I continue to offer them all sorts of foods.  They do eat a lot of Earth Worms, and soon as the weather warms, they will be getting slugs again.  

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