Wednesday, February 8, 2017

No cancer zone

So after a nightmare grocery shop,  where several people said things to me that should never be said to someone who is fighting cancer.  They were employees of the Supermarket who have not seen me in the last year. It's evident that I have cancer now that my hair is gone again.   I'm not going shopping anymore during the day.  Bobby is going to have to go with me in the evening.  I ended up so damn depressed. I came home, put everything away and headed to the forest.  I am so GRATEFUL that nature is my church, a healing balm for my soul and never fails to make me feel better. It has been there for me through the good and bad for the last 50 plus years.   As always it worked like a charm!  I did my ebird report from the park too. Notables were Blue birds and Pilated Woodpeckers.  Lots of Jelly Fungus all over the trees. I had my hand lens with me, and felt like I was ten again!  I posted the pic of the jelly on my FB page, and one of my friends wants me to post a picture a day and get everyone to guess what it is.  I'm game, it sounds like a fantastic distraction to all the crap on FB. 
While out on my walk I decided I need to STOP talking about the cancer again.  People are far too invasive and it's upsetting me to no end.  I'm here now, I feel good and I'm enjoying life, why do I need to constantly talk about having cancer??  I regret spending so much time this past year consumed by it.  I'm done.  Now how to tell people politely that I don't want to talk about my health? 
Today's weather was fantastic, not so good for our mother earth, but so nice for Monty and I to take our walk.  Temps ranged from 28-57f!  I hiked in a sweatshirt.  As the afternoon wore on, the winds were getting cold coming out of the NNW.  Sunrise was at 7:00am and Sunset was at 5:23.  The moon is Waxing Gibbous 95% full.  We are expecting snow, starting at 1am.  It will be our first Winter storm, we are expecting up to 12 inches.  

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